Out of Hours Arrivals and Departures / Missed Appointments

10 Jan 2019


From 1st of January 2019 we will be strictly enforcing the fees for "Out Of Hours" Arrivals and Departures and "Missed Appointments" as per our Terms and Conditions. 

We apologise that this action has become necessary. We have tried to be as flexible as possible over the last 4 years however it has become increasingly apparent that some of our clients believe that the appointment system does not apply to them.

The purpose of the appointment system is to benefit both yourselves (the clients) but primarily our guests (the cats).

The appointment system allows us to spend the appropriate time with each client upon arrival / departure without making other clients have to wait and also ensures that our guests (which could be your Cat) are not locked in their rooms unnecessarily for an extended period of time.  

Many thanks for your understanding. 


Once you've checked availability you will have to click here to book and provide details of your cat.