Hello Andy, thank you for looking after me. Mummy and Daddy are so pleased to see me without showing any stress. I have checked the house out nothing has changed! They think you are wonderful.

I'm sorry if I led you a dance when I didn't want to give up that lovely room outside. I am an alpha cat you know, ever since I came from England. I know all the tricks of the trade.

Thank you once again, give my regards to my new friend and I hope to see you again.



Hi Andy

Lennie is happy to be back home and is very smoochie. Thank you so much for looking after him so beautifully - he was so healthy and relaxed when we collected him that we knew he had been well cared for. Your personal service helped us to feel really comfortable about leaving him with you.

Happy for you to use his photo on your website - he is looking quite regal. Feel free to quote us as well.


Laurel and Niki


Hi Andy,

Please find testimony below, I'm sorry its been so long in coming.

"We were impressed with the layout and cleanliness as well as the safety for each cat at Megalong Valley Cattery. We appreciated Andy's personal touch and his letting us know Antonio was well and settled while we were away.
As happy as we were to pick up Antonio he was quite content.
We would not hesitate to recommend Megalong Valley Cattery under the care of Andy.

S & G Ryan"


Dear Andy and Daniel

Thank you so much for looking after me once again whilst Mum and Dad went away.  I really like staying with you at the cattery in the valley.  It is so calm and peaceful there, the staff is always good to chat to and pass the time of day with.

The food and beverage are excellent and always on time, just as I like it.  And the room service cleans my tray, sweeps the floor, makes sure my sheepskin is adjusted in my bed, and in winter time the heat pad is just hmmmm!  I particularly like the recreation room where I can climb and stretch or just gaze out at the rolling hills.  Bird watching is always fun except for the kookaburra that laughs at me because he knows I cannot get out to chase him!

I used to be able to pull a guilt trip on Mum and Day when they took me home but I can’t do that anymore because they know I am being so well looked after and happy with you.

Life is good isn’t it!  See you next time.

Love from Rosie.


Hi Andy and Danny,

Yesterday we picked up Chloe from you after her 10 stay. We could see at once that she looked very sleek and relaxed and, possibly fatter than when we dropped her off! I can only conclude that she enjoyed herself so much under your care that she went into complete holiday mode and pigged out - either that or she thought that all the other cats would get her food if she didn't eat it all up. Ah, the trials of an "only" cat moving into "shared" accommodation...

Thank you so much for looking after her so well. I am sure she will want to come again!

Lois and David




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